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The violation of the CP-invariance can be accommodated within the Standard Model in the weak and the strong interactions, however it has only been confirmed experimentally in the former. Analysis of IceCube neutrino sources.

In particular, the ID will be fully replaced with a tracker completely made of Silicon, having higher granularity and radiation nikhef master thesis sample. We aim to improve on the best current measurement by at least an order of magnitude. These simulations are particularly successful in describing some of the key observables measured experimentally, such as particle spectra and elliptic flow.

The influence of ice classification on design of an LNG tanker (2013)

Although very rare process, the production of leptons is calculated in SM with high precision. We are looking for all-round physicists with interest in nikhef master thesis sample lab-work and data-analysis.

CP violating effects in QCD: This will be the first ever measurement of this kind. This thesis outlines the working principledeveloped in the context of this PhD—thesis. The goal of this project is to take full advantage of the unique, among all LHC experiments, capabilities of the ALICE detector that is able to identify particles to extend the studies to different particle species e.

Nikhef master thesis sample present thesis deals with interaction between level ice and fixed, conical structure using explicit finite element code LS—DYNA. It is important to determine the nPDFs not only for establishing perturbative QCD factorisation in nuclei but also for applications to heavy-ion physics and neutrino physics.

During the season there are positions for two MSc students. First proof-of-principle measurements have already been performed. For example, two fields that can benefit from spectral X-ray imaging are mammography and real time CT.

Some activities that students can work on: A successful development is the Medipix chip that can be used in X-ray imaging.

This is a project that is closely related to previous analyses in the group. Jeroen van Tilburg and Jacco de Vries Quantum decoherence When two particles are created in an anti-symmetric wave function, the two particles are entangled, even though they may be separated by large distances.

You will investigate whether it is in principle possible to design a X-ray application that detects the compton scattered electron and the absorbed photon. Simulations of Binary Neutron Star Mergers and applications for multimessenger astronomy With the detection of the binary neutron star merger in August GW a new era of multi-messenger astronomy started.

If one of the particles is forced into one state projectionthis determines the other state instantaneously.

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While multiple similar observations are expected to improve the precision of the measurement, a statistical method of cross correlation with galaxy catalogues of gravitational-wave distance estimates is expected to work even without identified electromagnetic transients, and for binary black hole mergers in particular.

Analysis of IceCube neutrino sources. A search for lepton non-universality in Bc meson decays Recently, LHCb experiment has reported a number of intriguing deviations from SM in leptonic decays of B mesons.

This could bring holography in reach for many applications like display, lithography, 3D printing, metrology, etc The nucleons not participating in the collision represent electric currents generating an intense magnetic field. Recently it has been proposed that it could be made of particles made of the six quarks uuddss.

On the other hand, simulations showed that the ice velocity has an effect on ice loads. Relativistic and QED effects in the fundamental vibration of T2: The mono-jet analysis, where an energetic jet recoils against missing transverse energy, is the most sensitive general search channel for Dark Matter candidates in ATLAS.

Analysis of IceCube neutrino sources.

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The aspects of a holographic image we are investigating are: This is the author s PhD thesis, published at the Universit t M 3he optical pumping: It is capable of reading up to info annual publication: Relativistic and QED effects in the fundamental vibration of T2: Frequency comb Ramsey type electronic excitations in the H2 molecule: The work will consist of understanding the signals that come out of the detector and in particular focus on the so-called double scatter events.

The aspects of a holographic image we are investigating are: The triangular constellation of the LISA mission is dynamic requiring a constant fine tuning related to the pointing of the laser links between the spacecrafts and a simultaneous refocusing of the telescope.

In this project the student will join an ongoing effort towards the determination of a data-driven model of nPDFs, and will learn how to construct tailored Artificial Neural Networks ANNs. with Nikhef in the research of proton CT and radiograph.y Hadrons and the physics behind them A hadron is a particle with rest mass much larger than that of an electron[9].

This thesis seeks to identify the influence of the target ice class on the hull production cost, steel structural weight and arrangement. Therefore, the following aspects shall be considered for the study: Sensitivity in cost, mass and steel structural arrangement to the choice of ice class and finally the identification of the optimum steel structural.

Internships and thesis projects. University (WO), higher professional education (HBO) and intermediate vocational education (MBO) students have the opportunity to do an internship or a thesis project at Nikhef.

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Master’s degree students in physics are advised to explore the options offered by Nikhef via their course supervisors. Master Thesis Physics: racTk: Particle and Astroparticle Physics Pions Misidenti ed as Muons in the LHCb Detector Akshay Katre Supervisor: Dr. Thomas S. Bauer B-physics Department, Nikhef acultFy of Science, University of Amsterdam June Abstract In this thesis, we establish the rate of pion misidenti cation (as muons) in the K0 s!.

whether the questions fit the scope and criteria for a master’s thesis. Reading: David Madsen, Selecting and Shaping the Research Topic,” Successful Dissertation and Thesis: A Guide to Graduate Student Research from.

Master Thesis Research Projects The following Master thesis research projects are offered at Nikhef. If you are interested in one of these projects, please contact the coordinator listed with the project.

Nikhef master thesis sample
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