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Participants were asked to answer questions about case information and photo attached to each survey which were randomly assigned to one of 4 digitally manipulated photos of an African American male. African Americans were more likely to attribute the achievement gap to school Shanda gore thesis bgsu district factors than were European American respondents.

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The outcome variables were persistence and academic achievement. Tuesday, February 28th, Nick Dulaney was determined to solve a galactic mystery. This phenomenological study was conducted using open ended interview questions to collect qualitative data from three transgender students at a large four year public institution in the Midwest.

The phenomenon of colorism is not exclusive to African American women, but the manifestations on this group are diverse, and the effects are unique. Conclusions drawn from these findings lead to further questions concerning variable definitions. A multiple-case study design was employed to reveal contextual insights into the personal beliefs among the cases relative to effective teaching in music.

Being elected to be a National Academy of Inventors Fellow is a high professional distinction granted to academic inventors who have demonstrated a prolific spirit of innovation in creating or facilitating outstanding inventions that have made a substantial impact on the quality of life, economic development, and the welfare of society.

Shanda gore thesis bgsu colorism; skin-tone bias; social influence; social media; social networking sites; twitter; attitude; behavioral intention; social reality; grounding theory; intragroup discrimination; social cognitive theory.

Results suggested both groups strongly agreed with the assumptions underlying collaborative problem solving. Results of the model system showed reductions of 50 percent to 75 percent of dissolved reactive phosphorus in the water prior to reaching Lake Erie.

He also has four provisional patents in progress. Thomas Kvale, professor emeritus of physics and director of the Office of Undergraduate Research. Ledbetter Committee Member ; George A.

Cushing and his team will study how the brightness of the brown dwarf changes as it spins on its axis, which will help astronomers learn how clouds are distributed in the atmospheres of brown dwarfs. Why is there an unexpected, wavy edge on a disk around a bright, rapidly rotating star located light years away from Earth.

The online, item Minority Medical Student Retention Questionnaire was administered to the Student National Medical Association SNMA students and assessed if the independent variables defined as student background characteristics and environment institutional characteristics variables occurring between AMIs, variables occurring within AMIs, and intermediate educational outcomes as well as student-to-faculty, student-to-student, and student-to-student group affiliation involvement factors predict intent to remain.

Noel Richardson, UT postdoctoral research associate, and Dr. Phoenix directors contend that the note evidencing the loan was redrafted, obviating continued payments. Second, this dissertation examines the role of student interest in the instructional context.

First, this study unites two teacher behaviors into a concise model of teaching and learning. The second factor focuses on the difficulties of academic life and the mixed successes faculty have in meeting the demands of their job. This study sought to examine beliefs of effective music teaching among three cases of a student teaching triad in music.

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Dulaney is the lead author on the research paper recently published in the Astrophysical Journal. This process involved CSP faculty placing 36 statements about faculty and faculty life into a forced distribution grid representing the array of statements with which they most agreed to the statements with which they most disagreed.

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University of Toledo minority business center grows

1. Dissertations Advised/Chaired. Name Shanda Gore Ed.D., Bowling Green State. Oct 05,  · Shanda Gore Daniel Miller Enlarge The University of Toledo has tripled the available space at its Minority Business Development Center as it works to help more fledgling enterprises get off the ground.

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Shanda gore thesis bgsu
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